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Svetlana Nelson Abstract Art © 2020 | Site by komposition


Svetlana Nelson is creating expressive and interesting pieces that match the needs of the collectors and art lovers.

 At 61 she knew what she wanted to do with her life. In Lowe Mill, Huntsville Alabama she took art classes in Chuck Mathews studio. By the time she finished classes, she knew that her area of expertise was painting. Her work was selected to be in many art exhibitions, including Montgomery Museum of Fine Arts (MAG Show}, MAMAG Modern Art Museum and awarded with several certificates of Honorable Mention, including Art Olympia, Tokyo Japan. Her paintings featured in a wide range of subjects . Her favorite element to experiment with is color and texture. Her every work has meaning and story, which is especially important.

Svetlana has a great imagination that translates into a universal vision of humanity. {Chuck Mathews}


05/2017 - member and exhibitor at Huntsville Art League, AL

06/2017- member of Huntsville Art Museum

09/2017 - member of Arts Huntsville

10/2017  -Solo student Exhibition at the Lowe Mill, Huntsville AL.

 05/2018- Exhibition at AGORA GALLERY. 

10/2018 - Exhibition at the E- Fair in Washington DC

12/2018 - Exhibition at the SPECTRUM MIAMI

12/2019 - Represented by Redwood Media Group

11/2018 - Certificate of Excellence, awarded by Artavita

04/2019 - Certificate "Honorable Mention Award"by CFA, France.

07/2019 - Art Olympia, International Art Competition, Tokyo Japan -  Semi-Honorable mention Award

09/2019 - Fusion Art, Exhibition Finalist

10/2019 - member of Montgomery Art Guild, AL

10/2019 - Exhibition at Montgomery Art Guild

12/2019 - member and exhibitor at Sac's Gallery, Montgomery AL

012020  - Certificate "Honorable Mention Award" by CFA

01/2020 - member and exhibitor at Elmore County Art Guild, AL

03/2020 - member of 905 Art Gallery, Selma AL

05/2020 - Exhibition "Roots & Wings", 905 Gallery, Selma AL

04/2020 - member of Art Impact International, Washington DC

                3 D virtual exhibitions on website of AII

07/2020 - Exhibition at MCAC Gallery. MD

08/2020 - Exhibition at Anita P. Folmar Art Gallery, Armory Learning                   Art Center, Montgomery, AL

09/2020 - SAC's Gallery "Waterfront Art Show"

01/2021 - Exhibition at MAMAG Modern Art Museum

02/2021 - The Child Factor International Art Exhibition

                  Children's National Hospital, Washington DC

04/21 Member of "Women's Caucus for Art"

05/2021 - Exhibition in the Montgomery Museum of Fine Arts,     Montgomery, AL. The artwork is selected by 44 Montgomery Art Guild Museum Exhibition

06/2021 - Nominated as Ambassador Of Art 2021 by Art Critic and writer Salvatore Russo, Rome Italy 

07/2021 - 50 Artists to Invest In. Catalog and certificate

08/2021 - Art Universal, the great encyclopedia of international art, the book and certificate  

08/21 - Exhibition at the Anita Folmar Gallery with ECAG. Montgomery, AL

09/21 - Exhibition "Waterfront Show" with Sac's Gallery, Montgomery, AL.

09/21 - 1st International Biennial of Art in the World. Effete Art Gallery, Palermo, Italy

12/2021 -  Exhibition at Stola Contemporary Art Gallery, Chicago IL.

02/2022 - Exhibition at the Montgomery Cultural Arts Center with MAG. Positivity in the Black Culture and the Community.

04/22 - Art Show at Sac's Gallery, Montgomery, AL

05/2022 - Finalist Award for participation at Art San Diego

07/2022 - Exhibition at Stola Contemporary Art, Chicago IL

09/2022 - Exhibition at Art San Diego.

11/2022 - Global Contest “Youth of Human Rights”

International” Washington DC, AII.

12/2022 - 01/2023 - Vision of Hope exhibition at

Stola Contemporary Art, Chicago IL

12/2022 - Member of the Oil Painters of America 

02/2023 – What is Love. AII Washington DC

04/2023 – Exhibition at Sac’s Gallery, Montgomery, AL

09/2024 - 57th Annual Montgomery Art Guild Regions Bank Exhibition

01/2024 - Montgomery AL, Art Center exhibition as member of MAG

04/2024 - Artexpo NY, participated in the catalog.

04/2024 - exhibition at the Sac's Gallery, Montgomery AL

Art Market Magazine: Issue #58, 2021

Link to my profile to magazine "ART is Spectrum”:

Ambassador of Art, , Art Now Media 2021

50 Artists to Invest In, Art NowMedia, 2021

Art Universal, the great encyclopedia of international art, 2021

ISBN: 978-88-941280-5-5

My YouTube:


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