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Female Visual Artist

  Top New Female Visual Artist

If you’re always looking for new art and women artists inspire you, there aren’t a ton of resources to find them. Sure, there are lists online with the great female visual artist of the centuries, but it’s hard to find modern ones. Even harder is searching female contemporary expressionist artists. Svetlana Nelson Abstract Art checks all of these boxes, and she’s a really talented artist.

Svetlana Nelson Abstract Art is in her 60s now and has only recently fallen in love with art. For the past 3 years she found her passion for art and started her own gallery and tons of different paintings. She is one of the contemporary expressionist artists who care a lot about the art she produces.

She has been in a number of exhibitions and she realized that her paintings are sought after for decorating people’s walls. Svetlana Nelson Abstract Art provides art that warms up a room and starts a conversation.

All of her pieces are made from a place of passion and she loves creating art. It’s hard to explain how her art looks, but thankfully she posted a lot of different pieces on her site for your viewing pleasure. If any of the pieces speak to you, she has a number of paintings on sale on her site.

Svetlana Nelson Abstract Art is great for your home. Visit her site today and learn more about her, see some of her work, and pick up your very own original piece. Contact her today and use the chat feature on her website for quick questions and answers.

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