Today With Hope 2

Today With Hope 2


Today With Hope 2. Oil on canvas. Thick texture. Original artwork. 

My collection of paintings "Today With Hope" is dedicated to people from all over the world. This is the present time and what is happening to us at this time. The spiral of life has failed and it is not known when we will be able to return to the turns of the spiral.

Feedback after Peer review on Zoom meeting of Huntsville Art League members:

Lana, I admire your bravery to touch something no one can see with the naked eye and translate the effect it has on humanity. I will focus not on the fact that I am trying something entirely new to me ( ie: not allow my native insecurity to overwhelm me- as has been the case throughout my life) but I will try to use your painting to bravely guide my steps. Karen Reed


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    The artwork is unique and original, not a print. One and only.

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